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Learn all about DeFi Spring

Starknet's DeFi Spring program started in February 2024 with the goal of bootstrapping a strong and healthy DeFi ecosystem on Starknet. Initially a budget of 40M STRK tokens was allocated to the program with a timeline until October 2024.

Recently, this program was extended to a grand total of 90M STRK and a timeline until at least December 2024.

Vesu, and its users, are chosen to be eligible for STRK incentives in the *Money Markets" cohort. This means that you can earn STRK tokens for supplying liquidity on certain Vesu markets.

What are STRK grants?

STRK grants are the STRK tokens allocated to the participating protocols, like Vesu, by the Starknet Foundation. The Starknet Foundation uses a set of activity metrics to assess a protocol's STRK grant. These grants are then determined and distributed every two weeks.

How can I earn STRK on Vesu?

In order to earn STRK tokens on Vesu all you have to do is supplying assets to one of the eligible markets.

Your interest earned across all Earn and Borrow positions in a certain market count towards your STRK allocation.


According to the criteria defined by the Starknet Foundation, your STRK allocation for any of the eligible stablecoins will be reduced proportionally if you have any stablecoin debt outstanding on Vesu.

How is my STRK allocation determined?

Your allocation of STRK tokens depends on two factors:

  1. The total STRK grant distributed to Vesu is based on a set of metrics that are defined and monitored by the Starknet Foundation
  2. Your share of Vesu's STRK grant is computed based on the interest earned from supplying liquidity in the eligible markets relative to the total interest generated (or earned respectively) across all participants over a certain grant period.

You can track your total interest earnings (across all markets) on the Vesu Leaderboard.

Which markets are eligible?

As per July 10th 2024, the following markets are eligible for STRK tokens:

  • STRK
  • ETH
  • USDC
  • USDT

How are STRK tokens distributed?

The Starknet Foundation distributes STRK grants every two weeks to the participating protocols. You are able to claim your earned share of this allocation, once distributed by the Starknet Foundation, through a permissionless contract on Starknet.


Learn more about how to claim your allocations in the Claim STRK Guide.