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Vesu is a fully open and permissionless lending protocol built on Starknet. Users can supply crypto assets (earn), borrow crypto assets and build new lending experiences on Vesu without relying on intermediaries. Vesu is built as a public infrastructure free for everyone to use.


The Vesu lending protocol is not controlled by a governance body and there exists no governance token.

On these pages you find all information relevant to understand, use and build on Vesu.


The Community Forum is a good place to reach out if you can't find some information or have a question.


In order to start earning or borrowing with Vesu you need to have a Wallet on Starknet funded with ETH or STRK and any of the supported assets. You can find more information on setting up a wallet e.g. here:

The list of supported assets can change continuously with new lending pools being created on Vesu. You can find a list of these on the Markets page on Vesu app.


The Vesu app only shows a selection of supported markets with well understood risks. More markets and assets respectively may be supported on other applications.

That's it, you are now ready to start using Vesu.


The User Guides are a good place to start your Vesu journey.


These pages cover documentation of the basic concepts underpinning the Vesu lending protocol, user guides, developer guides and much more. Use the menu bar on the left to navigate through the docs.



Use the Vesu lending protocol and app at your own risk. Read more in our Terms of Service.